Welcome to JSK Taekwondo spring 2024

The spring term starts Monday the 15:th of January.

Spring season runs until the beginning of June.

Are you a beginner? Regardless of age or knowledge, you see below how to apply to register or a relative. An application is not binding but secures a place in the group. Payment is made after 2 times try training, regardless of group and age. Try training is in the group you belong to. See training times for each group here Schema 2024

Registration can be done in 2 ways:

Alt nr 1. Send email to info@tkd.nu write name, age and group.

Alt nr 2. Come down the first week and sign up for the intended group. After 17:00 Monday to Thursday.

Welcome for 2 times try for free! You register by email or on site at the first pass.
If you have any questions, call: 08-52027732 or read here on the website.

Most of the information is here.
The address is: Döbelnsgatan 64 in Stockholm. Door Code is 9375 
Do not call for training times – they are under the training times tab
Do not call about how you pay and how much – there is under the tab – training fees
We have no other facilities except in the city: Döbelnsgatan 64
If you are a beginner, secure your places by showing up the first week.
We have registration on site from Monday the 16:nd of January and for the next two weeks.
We start on Monday the 15:th of January.
Now make sure to get there in the first few weeks to secure places in your intended group.
Registration takes place on site.
IMPORTANT! You can choose which weekdays and group you want to belong to (as long as they are not full). That is, for example, Tuesday and Thursday group or Monday and Wednesday group. This is for the 7-12 years of age.
You need to stick to these groups throughout the semester as much as possible.
When the groups are full, we do not add more students.

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